If there is no one available in the office to take your phone call and you need immediate assistance, please contact the non-emergency dispatch number at (540) 434-4436. If you have an emergency Dial 911.
The Grottoes Police Department
601 Dogwood Avenue | Post Office Box 146
Grottoes, VA 24441 | Emergency: 911   |   Phone: 540-249-5707 | Email  
Chief of Police:
Timothy M. Carroll, (540) 249-9256
Administrative Assistant: Shelby Foster, Email

All too often we are afraid to call 911 because we aren’t sure that the situation requires an emergency response.  911 calls should be made for ANY situation that involves the safety or welfare of another.

Situations for 911 may include, but are not confined to:
- Any act of violence
- A suspicious event or suspicious person
- Any medical emergency
- Any road obstruction, such as broken water lines, power lines, or livestock in the road
- A witnessed reckless driving event (try to get the tag!), or car crash

You can call (540) 434-4436 to have a dispatcher contact the on duty Grottoes Police Officer.

Calls to this number may involve situations such as:
- You’d like to ask a policeman a question, but don’t want to leave a message on their voicemail
- Barking dogs
- Town Park bathrooms not being unlocked
- Loud music complaints or any other non-emergency situation

Remember, for emergencies call 911. If you simply have a question you can call (540) 249-5707 and speak with our administrative assistant, or call (540) 434-4436 to reach the non-emergency dispatcher.

Jason Sullivan
Interim Police Chief
Jason Bibeau
Full-Time Police Officer
Jeremiah Nugent
Part-Time Police Officer
Larron Wharwood
Part-Time Police Officer
Hunter Elmore
Part-Time Police Officer
Shane Turner
Part-Time Police Officer
Cory Brown
Part-Time Police Officer
Elizabeth Russ
Part-time Administrative Assistant
Dakota Foster
Full-Time Police Officer